Neuropathy Treatment

If you’re seeking non-surgical, non-invasive therapies for neuropathy treatment in Orlando, look no further than IWRC, conveniently located in Metro West. Neuropathy is a condition of the nervous system that affects approximately twenty million Americans, and the most common medical approach to this problem is medication, often with highly addictive drugs like oxycodone. Here at IWRC we have helped hundreds of patients feel better naturally and effectively.

At International Wellness and Regenerative Health, neuropathy treatment is handled using non-invasive therapies. We embrace an integrated approach to wellness, believing in treating patients as whole people, not just a collections of symptoms. Striving to provide solutions that are drug-free and non-invasive, , symptoms of neuropathy are not our only focus, because, in all our treatment plans, we work to actually correct the underlying cause. Rather than prescribing medication, we strive to first use physical medicine in combination with advanced medical treatments to deliver the very best results, while helping patients live their healthiest lives.

7 Symptoms of Neuropathy

Burning Pain
Sharp Electrical Pain
Hurts When You Walk
Can’t Sleep From Foot Pain

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